(W)TAL 6-35KV 100-10000Kvar high voltage AC filter complete set

With the extensive use of various converters, frequency converters, electric arc furnaces and other nonlinear electrical equipment, their harmonic currents often exceed the allowable values of relevant national standards, seriously affecting the power quality of the power grid.

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With the extensive use of various converters, frequency converters, electric arc furnaces and other nonlinear electrical equipment, their harmonic currents often exceed the allowable values ​​of relevant national standards, seriously affecting the power quality of the power grid. The high-voltage filter complete set is a "passive" filter device, that is, a filter reactor and a high-voltage filter capacitor are appropriately combined. After accurate tuning, the filter branch can form a low-impedance channel for each high- order harmonic, so that the corresponding harmonic current is large. Part of it flows into the filter to filter out the harmonic current and reduce the harmonic voltage distortion rate of the public access point. In addition, it also provides reactive power compensation and improves the power factor. The device is mainly installed on the 6kV, 10kV, 35kV, 110kV busbar side, and is suitable for places with large harmonic currents such as power systems, metallurgy, steel, aluminum plants, petroleum, chemical industry, electrified railways, papermaking, and shipbuilding .1. Rated voltage: 6kV, 10kV, 35kV, 110kV; 2. Working frequency: 50Hz; 3. Rated capacity: 50Kvar-30000kvar; 4. Tuning frequency: 3 times, 5 times, 7 times, 11 times, 13 times and above; 5. Working mode: continuous work, automatic/manual. 参数1 参数2 接线1. The filter capacitor is composed of multiple capacitor units, and a single filter capacitor adopts a single-phase structure for phase-split tuning. The filter capacitor adopts all-film composite medium, which has the characteristics of small size, low loss and low operating temperature. 2. The filter reactor adopts a single-phase dry air-core structure, and the inductance value is continuously adjustable by 5%. The reactor can be installed horizontally in the shape of "-" or "pin". 3. The structure of the complete set of filtering devices is flexible, and can be of cabinet type or frame type. When the frame structure is adopted, the whole device is isolated by fences. 4. The filter device is designed with manual and automatic control modes, which makes the operation simple and safe. 5. Adopt the computer integrated automatic protection device to track the system changes in real time. Make the equipment operate safely and reliably. 6. According to the user's system requirements, it can effectively filter out the high-order harmonics of the power grid, compensate the reactive power, and improve the voltage quality. Conditions of Use: 1. Altitude: <1000m; 2. Ambient temperature: -25℃~+45℃; 3. Relative humidity: <90% at 20℃; 4. The installation site has no severe mechanical vibration, no corrosive gas and steam, no electrical conductivity and no explosive dust.structure: It consists of high-voltage isolating switch, high-voltage vacuum contactor or vacuum circuit breaker, current transformer, dry-type hollow filter reactor, zinc oxide Lightning arrester, filter capacitor, high-voltage fuse, discharge coil and non-inductive resistor are appropriately composed of single-tuned filter device or high-pass filter device. The single-tuned filter device is mainly used to filter out the main characteristic harmonics in the harmonic source, such as the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, etc.; high-pass The filter device mainly achieves the purpose of filtering out the 13th and above high-order harmonics. TAL device is equipped with automatic switching control device and microcomputer protection device. working principle: The TAL filter device is mainly composed of filter capacitors, filter reactors, etc. to form LC filter devices. work compensation. LC filter devices mainly include single-tuned filter devices, double-tuned filter devices, high-pass filter devices, and C-type filter devices. In practical application, several groups of filter devices are designed according to the distribution and size of harmonic current and reactive power demand. Setting this harmonic is equivalent to a low impedance channel, so that most of the harmonic current flows into the filter circuit. high pass filter means for cutoff frequency The above harmonics all show low impedance, and the C-type filter device has the characteristics of wide-band tuning and low loss. The grouping of filtering devices needs to be carried out Precise calculation, not only to filter out the main harmonic current, but also to meet the requirements of reactive power compensation, but also to prevent a certain integer frequency The harmonic current is amplified due to the parallel resonance of the filter device and the system impedance. Our company's filter device design software can be based on The specific characteristics of each user can quickly and reasonably provide an accurate filter device design scheme through an accurate simulation model. User ordering instructions: 1. Power system diagram; 2. Harmonic test check point (PCC) point; 3. The maximum and minimum short-circuit capacity of PCC point busbar; 4. The capacity of the main transformer, the rated primary and secondary voltage and the percentage of impedance voltage; 5. The type and length of the connection from the main transformer to each load (for calculating the line impedance); 6. If there is capacitor compensation originally, it needs to provide: installation position, capacity, rated voltage, connection method, reaction rate, etc.; 7. The power consumption of the PCC point agreement squeezes the proportion of the installed capacity of the power supply system (if the allowable harmonic current limit of the PCC point is directly provided); 8. Background harmonics; 9. The amount of harmonic current generation; if not put into production, can provide all There are detailed parameters of the equipment that generates harmonic current, such as the number of rectifier pulses, the type of power rectifier, whether it is a thyristor rectifier or a diode rectifier. The amount of harmonic current generation can also be provided directly by the equipment factory; 10. Reactive power demand or provide monthly average power value, reactive power average value and power factor after compensation. 11. Priority should be given to the model selection of main equipment such as isolation switches, reactors, filter capacitors, discharge coils, arresters, etc. The data provided by the buyer can be optimized according to the actual situation. If there are special requirements, it can be negotiated by the supplier and the buyer. 12. Availability date. 13. Additional explanations can be provided if there are special requirements.

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