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The JDZ10-3 6 10 Series Electric Voltage Transformer/10KV  Cast Resin Insulated Enclosed/Indoor ac transformer is the type of cast resin insulation and full enclosed, used for electric energy metering, voltage control and relay protection in the power systems of rated voltage 3kV, 6kV, and 10kV or below. The products are in accordance with IEC60044 and GB20840.3-2013 “voltage transformer”参数 外形尺寸 (2) 接线 形象3This type of transformer is a pillar-type structure cast with epoxy resin. It adopts high-quality steel sheet and undergoes strict heat treatment. The iron core is cast with epoxy resin together with the primary winding and the secondary winding. The secondary outgoing terminal is installed with a Outgoing terminal box, there are three directions on the terminal box to lead out secondary wiring, and the protective cover has the function of preventing electricity theft Ambient temperature:-10ºC-+40ºC Relative humidity:The average humidity of a day should be no more than 95%. The average humidity of a month should be no more than 90%. Earthquake intensity: not exceed 8 degrees. Saturated vapor pressure the average pressure of a day should be no more than 2.2kPa; the average pressure of a month should be no more Than1.8Kpa; The height above sea level:≤1000 m (Except special requirements) It should be installed in the places without fire, explosion, serious filth, and chemical erosion and violent vibration.

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